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In-Home Services

Comprehensive In-home Behavioral Health Assessments

Comprehensive in-home behavioral health assessments are conducted by clinically licensed behavioral health providers. These one-time assessments are face -to -face interviews with the family, and include the child/children, parents, and siblings. The interview is a structured question and answer session that obtains information necessary to determine the best possible plan of action for the child and family.

The interview gathers information regarding the history of child behavioral problems, concerns about risky behaviors, substance abuse and/or mental health concerns, school performance, social involvement, medical history, family constellation, child and family’s strengths , specialized needs and any specific preferences. The evaluator and the family together agree on the most appropriate plan of action to meet the needs of the child (children) and family.

Child Counseling

Individual Counseling

Individual face-to-face counseling sessions with child to address emotional issues and support positive behavioral changes in order to improve child’s overall functioning in the home, community and school. Licensed and masters prepared behavioral health professionals provide this service within the home or in another confidential location within the community. Sessions typically occur once or twice a week depending on need. Individual “talk therapy” encourages the child to express his or her feelings and thoughts about their life situation and teaches them more effective ways to deal with everyday stressors and communicate their needs in a positive and productive fashion.

Family Counseling & Parent Education

The therapist guides the family through a process of focused conversations and interactions in order to support individual expression and promote more effective family communication, thus reducing stress within the home. Parenting education is part of an overall plan to improve family functioning, and promote a decrease in child’s negative behaviors. With effective clinical interventions, families typically experience a decrease in stress and typically enjoy a happier home situation.

Behavioral Assistance

Strategic interventions are utilized for the purpose of decreasing a child's negative behavioral patterns and teaching alternative coping strategies. Positive reinforcement, social skills building, behavioral modeling, anger management techniques, and focused play are strategies that are used to improve child’s ability to engage in age-appropriate behaviors. Behavior modification can be conducted by therapists, and/or certified behavioral assistants.

Connection with Community Supports

It is important for families to stay connected with their local communities.  Especially during times of stress, families can become isolated and withdrawn from their natural support systems. As part of the in-home intervention, counselors and certified behavioral assistants help to reconnect the child and family with their social environment by encouraging re-engagement with community activities, neighborhood, and civil groups.